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Bunsen Burner - Meker - High Temperature, Natural Gas - 935°C to 1180°C

Original price $72.99
Current price $71.12
  • Adjustable air supply
  • Expanded Meker type top
  • Operates at high temperature with natural gas (935°C to 1180°C)
  • 8.5" tall, 3" diameter hexagonal base
  • For 8 mm dia. tubing and grid top dia. 42 mm approx.
When an extremely hot flame is required, these Meker-type burners form uniform blue cones of intese heat with no backflashes. One-piece, nickel-plated venturi tube. Die cast, zinc alloy, nickel plated octagonal base. Eisco's premium meker burner features an adjustable orifice for natural or cylinder gas. Adjust the air supply with the shutter sleeve covering the air intake ports, needle valve controls gas flow. An expanded Meker type top with Monel, an alloy with high tensile strength and a strong resistance to corrosion. The stabilizing, heat intensifying grid provides a short hot flame. For 8 mm dia. tubing and grid top dia. 42 mm approx.

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