Premium burners that accept various fuel sources including natural gas, liquid propane, and mixed gas.  From micro burners to Meker burners, we have a complete selection that could match any labs needs.
Eisco Labs Neoprene Bunsen Burner Hose, 2 ft (.6m)
Neoprene Bunsen Burner Hose, 3 ft (.9m)
Bunsen Burner with Flame Stabilizer
Burner Tirrill, LPG

Burner Tirrill, LPG

Burner Bunsen Meker - High Temperature, LPG
Flame Spreader 13mm Sold out Build To Order
Flame Spreader 11mm Sold out Build To Order
Burner Meker - Superior Build To Order
Burner Bunsen-Simple Build To Order
Burner Bunsen-Economy
Burner Bunsen, LPG Sold out Build To Order

Burner Bunsen, LPG

Burner Bunsen with Needle Valve, LPG
Burner Bunsen with Flame Stabilizer, LPG