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Eisco Labs Steel Burette Double Clamp - 7" separation, Max 20mm Dia. Rod

Original price $15.50
Current price $10.25
  • Steel burette double clamp, capable of holding one or two burettes simultaneously
  • Rubber coated clamp jaws keep burettes safe but secure
  • Clamp holds burettes approximately 7 inches apart
  • Steel clamp is durable and lightweight
  • Good for use in side-by-side comparison experiments, such as comparative titration


Double-sided steel clamp designed for the safe handling of burettes. The clamp tips are rubber-coated to protect equipment. Hold one or two burettes simultaneously. Adjustable clamp can be attached to rod stand and can hold burettes up to approximately 1" (approx. 3cm). This double clamp is perfect for side-by-side experiments and demonstrations.