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Eisco Labs Bottle Rocket Launching Platform - Launches 2L Soda Bottles Over 100ft Into the Air

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SKU PH1120143
  • Launch any 2 Liter Soda Pop Bottle into the air (Note: bottle NOT provided)
  • Uses compressed air and water as rocket fuel
  • Use any Schrader type bicycle pump to pressurize
  • The most fun way to learn physics!
  • Safety features include Heavy Duty Base and stakes, trigger release, and vertical launching guide posts
Eisco Soda Bottle Rocket Launching Platform - launch water powered rockets over 100 ft in the air

Introduce students in the most fun way to rocket science and concepts involving Newton's laws. The bottle rocket launcher is attached to a sturdy base with the capability of launching 2 liter plastic soda bottles over 100 ft in the air. Using water as the liquid fuel, pressurize the bottle with a bicycle pump (Schrader-type connection, pump not included). Bottle is remotely launched from a safe distance using the corded release mechanism.

Safety features include heavy duty base and stakes, trigger release, and vertical launching guide posts. Instructions included.

Safety Note: This is not a child's toy and adult supervision is required at all times as well as appropriate safety precautions. The intent of the product is to provide a platform for scientific learning though inquiry. There are no volatile material involved with the product, just water and air pressure.