Pulley rod mounting, metal pulley
Barometer Tube, Neutral glass - hBARSCI Build To Order

Barometer Tube

Fluid Pressure Apparatus Build To Order
Liquid level apparatus, on wooden stand
Bernoulli's Tubes

Bernoulli's Tubes

Vernier Caliper Demonstration Wooden
Induction Coil, Spark in 30mm Build To Order
Bar Magnets - ALNICO, 50 x 11 x 6 mm - hBARSCI Sold out Build To Order
Right Angle Refraction Prisms, 80 x 115 mm Acrylic
Thermal Conductivity of Metal - All metal
Stop Clock - Round Sold out

Stop Clock - Round

Scale Pan - Brass 75mm Dia Build To Order
Barometer Syphon - hBARSCI

Barometer Syphon

Demonstration Manometer Build To Order
Capillary Tubes Apparatus
Pump Plate Machined, Dia 250mm
Push Pull Balances - Tubular 1 Kg./ 10N
P-N-P Transistor Unit Sold out Build To Order
N-P-N Transistor Unit Sold out Build To Order