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Advanced Rubber Band Single Racer Kit - DIY Science Project

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  • Great activity for kids aged 12+ (who are we kidding, adults too)
  • Allows for endless designs and redesigns
  • Easy to follow instructions give you directions how to build a sample racer
  • This is for a Single Rubber Band Racer Kit
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Original price $25.99 - Original price $25.99
Original price
$25.99 - $25.99
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Kids, Adults... Young, Old... We all have shot rubber bands into the air. Now let's use the stored energy in a stretched rubber band to make a vehicle move. The TeacherGeek Rubber Band Racer Activity creates a way to build, race and reengineer a vehicle while at the same time apply the science concepts of energy, simple machines and friction. This activity comes with the components required to construct a vehicle powered by the stored energy of a simply rubber band. Your racer can be designed and redesigned as much as you like to achieve the desired results. You will find the Rubber Band Racer Build guide(a free downloadable document) is easy to follow, fun and informative.

The Advanced Rubber Band Racer Kit Includes the Following:
5 x 10 x 300 Connector Strips
Hole Plates
300mm Slide Stop Material
TeacherGeek Clips
Small Rubber Bands
#10 24 x 1 Screws
Hex Nuts
12" Dowels, 5mm
50 Tooth Gears
40 Tooth Gears
20 Tooth Gears
10 Tooth Gears

Engineering Challenges
•Study the effects of changing the race surface. (tile, carpet, wood etc.)
•Experiment with increasing wheel diameter by attaching round pieces of found material.
•Try varying the rubber band sizes and observe the effects.
•How can you increase distance?
•How can you increase speed?
•How can you stop at a given distance?
•Give your car a personality of its own.

What Else Do I Need?
•Easy Engineering Tools (includes Reamer, Easy Cutter, #2 Phillips Screwdriver and Slip-Joint Pliers)
•#1 Phillips Screwdriver (Optional)
•Slider Block (Optional)

Note: If you are an existing TeacherGeek customer, the TeacherGeek part numbers for this activity are: 7316, 7313, and 7312.