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Fact & Fault Model, 17 Inch

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  • 5 PIECES || 5 piece fact & fault model shows the important folds and faults found in the Earth's crust
  • VISUAL || Provides a visual representation of fold planes, the effect of tectonic stress and the structural elements of a fault
  • INCLUDES KEY || Identification key included for easy identification of features
  • EXPERTLY DESIGNED || Crafted by subject matter experts - Features vibrant, hand-painted details using eco-friendly paint
  • PERFECT TEACHING MODEL || Designed as a visual learning aid for introducing and exploring various geological concepts

This 5 piece model is useful to illustrate important folds and faults found in Earth's crust. Students can understand fold planes, effect of tectonics stress and structural elements of a fault.

Largest piece approximate dimensions: 17" wide, 6" long and 5.5" tall. Approximate weight of 5 piece set: 6.5lbs.