Microscope Student Model CT-1

by Eisco Labs
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Student models give value in performance, verstality, price and is guaranteed to standup the repeated student use. Packed in wooden / styrofoam case .

Specifications :Mechanical Tube Length 160 mm.Upright Eye TubeEyepieces H10 X, H15 XAchromatic Objectives : 4X,10X, 40X (S)Coarse & Fine AdjustmentArea 120 x 120 mm.Stage Iris DiaphragmIlluminator Concave - Plano Mirror 50 mm. ÆEyepieces WF10 X, WF15 X with fixed pointerOptions Objectives 60XDetachable Mechanical StageElec - Illuminator 110V or 220V
Vendor: Eisco Labs
Product Name: Microscope Student Model CT-1
Product SKU: BI0004A