Microscope Educational Model PKJ-2

by Eisco Labs
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With Upright eye tube. Superb optical and mechanical components, providing excellent resolution and image contrasting for conventional microscopic examinations, general biological and bacteriological studies, clinical and classroom investigations. Packed in wooden / styrofoam case.

Specifications:Mechanical Tube Length 160 mmUpright Eye TubeEyepieces H5 X, H10 X, H15 XAchromatic Objectives 4X, 10X, 40X (S)Coarse & fine adjustmentArea 120 x 120 mm.Sauare Stage Movable 1.25 N.A. Condenser, Iris Diaphragmwith detachable mechanical stageIlluminator Concave - Plano Mirror 50 mm ÆEyepieces : WF10 X, WF15 X with fixed pointerOptions Objectives : 60XElec - Illuminator 110V or 220V
Vendor: Eisco Labs
Product Name: Microscope Educational Model PKJ-2
Product SKU: BI0006A