Stereo Binocular Microscope

by Eisco Labs
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All metal constructed Microscopes with Binocular rotatable head 360° inclined at 45°, can be locked in any position. Fitted with two lamps both incident and tramistted illumination. Packed in wooden cabinet.

Stereo Microscope is rugged, all metal constructed scopes that provides both flexibility in magnification ranges and long working distances for viewing difficult specimens.Binocular rotatable head 360° inclined at 45°, can be locked in any position.l Eyepieces WF 10X or WF 15X Paired.l Interpupilary distance to 55-75 mm. and both eye view has dioptar adjustment.l Achromatic objective 2X or 4X LOW and high power objectives are selected by rotating the nose piece. l Magnification choice 20X - 60X. Parafocal.l Rack and pinion focusing by knobs on both sides.l Two lamps are fitted to provide both incident (Top) and transmitted. (Bottom) illumination. Lamps can be switched on separately or together. Complete with a glass plate.l Operates on 220V - 240 AC. or 110V -120 AC. 50 Hz.l Metallic and glass plate one side black and other white, dust cover. Packed in wooden cabinet.
Vendor: Eisco Labs
Product Name: Stereo Binocular Microscope
Product SKU: BI0058