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10pk Escherichia Coli Smear - Prepared Microscope Slide - 75x25mm

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SKU BS18005-10
  • Classroom pack of ten prepared slides with Escherichia Coli smear
  • Each slide measures 75mm wide and 25mm long
  • Wholemount. Gram stain
  • Excellent for examination and discussion about pathogenic and non-pathogenic bacteria
  • Slides come in a polystyrene storage box

Classroom pack of 10 prepared microscope slides of Escherichia Coli (E-Coli). Wholemount, stained with Gram Stain. E-Coli is a gram-negative bacterium, most commonly found in the digestive system of mammals. While it is not typically harmful, the bacteria may become pathogenic. Excellent for discussion about pathogenic vs non-pathogenic bacteria. Slides come in a polystyrene storage box. Each slide measures 75mm (3") wide, 25mm (1") long and 0.06" in height.

Slides are expertly prepared, and labeled for easy identification. All materials in Eisco Labs slides are completely inert and sealed in glass.