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Measuring Cylinder, 250ml - Class B - US Sourced Polypropylene - Eisco Labs

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Measuring cylinder with a 250ml capacity made of premium quality, US sourced polypropylene plastic. Class B tolerance. Calibrated to contain.

Translucent rigid construction and superior optical clarity. Easy to read, raised graduation lines every 2ml, and marked every 20ml. Octagonal base for extra stability.
Microwavable and resistant to fatigue for long term durability. High heat tolerance with a temperature range of -20 to +135°C. Autoclavable at 121°C for easy cleaning and sterilization.

Cylinder stands 13.25" tall, with a base measuring 3.5" wide. Outer diameter of cylinder body measures 1.6", and inner diameter measures 1.3".

Eisco Labs proudly manufactures its own products using state-of-the-art equipment, and following the highest standards of quality control.
While the polypropylene products are built in our advanced manufacturing facilities in India, the raw polypropylene plastic material is sourced from the United States to ensure the highest level of quality and purity possible. Each product is carefully designed by a team of laboratory professionals and experienced engineers with quality and durability in mind. Using only the highest grade, raw materials, each product is created according to international quality standards to ensure that they can withstand use in even the toughest laboratory environments.