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Joint Clips, Pack of 10 - size 24/29, Standard Taper, Chemical and Temperature Resistant, Green, Ten Clips - Eisco Labs

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  • Pack of ten joint clips, size 24/29
  • Made of chemical and temperature resistant plastic, able to withstand temperatures up to 80°C
  • Tapered clip, maximum diameter for joint is 24mm.
  • Green colored joint clips. Eisco Lab joint clips are color coded by joint size for ease of identification
  • Perfect for any science or home laboratory

10 Pack of 24/29 size joint clips. Green.

Chemical and temperature resistant plastic clips for holding jointed glassware together, thus reducing the need for clamping. Eisco Joint Clips are color coded by joint size for ease of identification. Recommended maximum temperature limit in use, through the joint is 80°C.