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Eisco Labs Digital LCD Multimeter (Voltmeter, Ammeter) with Audible Continuity Alarm and Signal Generation - Leads Included

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  • Digital multimeter with leads
  • DC voltage (200mV-1000V), AC Voltage (200V-750V), DC Current (200µA-10A), Resistance (200 ohm-2000k ohm)
  • Diode Test, Continuity Buzzer, Transistor hFE test, Square wave signal generation
Digital Multimeter

Multimeter, Leads

This instrument is a compact, pocket sized multimeter that displays 3 1/2 digits. It can measure DC and AC voltage, DC current, resistance, and diode. It can also provide transistor measurement, signal generation, and an audible continuity test. It comes supplied with leads, detailed specifications, and a basic guide.

DC Voltage, ±0.5%
Range, Resolution
200mV, 100µV
2000mV, 1mV
20V, 10mV
200V, 100mV
1000V, 1V
Overload Protection: 220V AC for 200mV range and 1000V DC or 750V AC for other ranges.

AC Voltage, ±1.2%
Range, Resolution
200V, 100mV
750V, 1V
Overload Protection: 1000V DC or 750V AC for all ranges.
Response: Average responding, calibrated in RMS of a sine wave.
Frequency Range: 45Hz-450Hz

DC Current, ±1%
Range, Resolution
200µA, 0.1µA
2000µA, 1µA
20mA, 10µA
200mA, 100µA
10A, 10mA
Overload Protection: 500mA/250V fuse (10A range unfused)
Measuring Voltage Drop: 200mV

Resistance, ±1.2%
Range, Resolution
200 ohm, 100m ohm
2000 ohm, 1 ohm
20k ohm, 10 ohm
200k ohm, 100 ohm
2000k ohm, 1k ohm
Maximum Open Circuit Voltage: 2.8V
Overload Protection: 15 seconds maximum 220Vrms on all ranges.

Audible Continuity: Built-in buzzer sounds if resistance is less than 100 ohm.
Overload Protection: 15 seconds maximum 200Vrms sounds alarm.