Power Supplies Discharge Tube Digital Model

by Eisco
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    Three independent DC output voltages and one selectable AC output with this exceptional power supply. Includes overload protection indicator, glass fuses at the the input level. CSA approved & CE marked. This Discharge Tube Power Supply is a very useful and unique instrument which provides the High Voltage (0 to 500V, 10mA & 0 to 80V, 10mA) & Low Voltage (0 to 20V DC, 5 Amps.) along with the DIGITAL DISPLAY for Voltage & Current. It also provides the AC Voltage selectable from 1 to 6V AC, 2 Amps. All the outputs provided are independent of each other and can be used simultaneously. The DC voltage 0 to 500V (adjustable) & 0 to 80V (adjustable) are displayed on the DIGITAL DISPLAY by selecting with the help of Voltage Monitor Selector Switch. The Low Voltage 0 to 20V, 5 Amps. DC output voltage is displayed on the DIGITAL DISPLAY. The Voltage or Current Display is selected with the help of A/V selector switch. The 6V AC, 2 Amp. is also provided on four different sockets, The A/C Voltage can be selected from 1 to 6V in the step of 1V, out of these four sockets. 2 Amp. AC Overload Cut-off resettable switch is provided in series with the AC O/P for the overload protection. Once the AC Current exceeds the 2 Amps. the switch will be cut off & O/P will be reduced to zero. This switch has to be reset to reactivate the AC output voltage. Operates on 110/120V AC, 60Hz and 220/240V AC, 50/60 Hz using voltage selector switch.

    Vendor: Eisco
    Product Name: Power Supplies Discharge Tube Digital Model
    Product SKU: ESRDS1337