Eisco Labs Goggle Sanitizer Cabinet - 36 Goggle Capacity

by Eisco Labs

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  • 36 Goggle Capacity
  • UV Sanitizing
  • Wall mountable
Capacity = 36 Pairs of goggles | How it works = Students can place up to 36 pairs of goggles into the cabinet. Once the goggles are in, the door is then closed and locked and a 15 minute timer begins. During that 15 minutes a high power UV bulb turns on and UV light fills the box. The UV light kills any germs on the goggles. | Safety = UV lamp will not operate unless the doors are closed and latched eliminating the possibility for any UV exposure. Tight fitting piano style hinges are built in too also avoid light leak. There is an indicator light which informs the user that sterilization is in process. | Construction = Sturdy heavy gage CRC steel with a thinness of approximately 0.8mm. The steel is then treated with a white baked enamel finish. | Mount = Can rest on a desk, lab bench, or hung on a wall. Mounting hardware included. | Power Specifications: Input Voltage = 120 VAC | Input Current = 0.8A | Power = 25 Watts (Max)
Vendor: Eisco Labs
Product Name: Eisco Labs Goggle Sanitizer Cabinet - 36 Goggle Capacity
Product SKU: GGSN10HB