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MURLIN Trebuchet Kit - Made in the USA - Eisco Garage Physics

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SKU GP00015
  • The Multi-Radial Linear Node (MURLIN) Trebuchet combines the throwing advantage of the standard trebuchet with a highly efficient spinning wind-up.
  • The material is high quality precision cut Birch pure bond plywood.
  • All necessary parts are included and shown in picture, holes are pre drilled.
  • Kit comes with a step by step educational guide.
  • Includes the trebuchet, ping pong ball, and 1 kg counterweight. Made in USA

Who knew that the trebuchet, one of the most elegant of all medieval weapons ever invented, could be improved! By redirecting the pulling force of the counterweight with a pulley, the system is able to transfer much more energy to the projectile than the standard trebuchet. In fact, this system, with only half the throwing arm of our standard trebuchet (GP00009), is able to throw just as far, if not farther. The included guide provides clear assembly instructions with pictures. It also contains pedagogy for exploring concepts of energy transfer using the scientific method.