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Female Pelvis Model, Human - Life Size, 3D Rendering for Anatomical Study - Medical Quality

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  • FEMALE PELVIS MODEL || Life sized, medical quality 3D rendering of a human female pelvic bone
  • HIGHLY DETAILED || Model shows all the predominant features of both the the sacrum and coxal bones
  • INCREDIBLE REALISM || Model features realistic details, textures and bony landmarks - providing an incredible amount of realism for examining the human skeleton
  • DURABLE PVC PLASTIC || Made of durable and sturdy pvc plastic. This washable model is easy to clean and will hold up to years of handling

Life size model of female pelvis. Includes the left and right innominates with pubic symphysis. Ideal for studying the structure and function of this part of the skeletal system, and is an excellent tool for comparing male and female skeletal anatomy. Incredible amount of realism and detail. Model shows all the predominant features of the sacrum (median sacral crest, lateral sacral crests, posterior sacral foramina, ala and sacral hiatus) and the coxal bones (iliac crest, pelvic brim, ischial spine, acetabulum, pubic crest, pubic symphysis, ischium, pubic bone and illium). Realistic textures and bony landmarks make this replica an excellent tool for educational study, as well as for patient demonstrations. Made of durable, sturdy and washable pvc plastic, this replica will withstand long time use and handling.

Model measures approximately 9" tall, 8.6" wide & 5.9" long.