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hBAR Infrared Thermometer, up to 30ft Range, High Resolution (0.1°F/°C), Temp Range -22°F to +719°F

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The hBAR infrared thermometer is perfect for remotely measuring the temperature of objects.  Extremely high resolution of 0.1°F (or °C) and a range from -22°F to +719°F.


Whether you're measuring how hot your fireplace or how warm someone's head is, the hBAR infrared thermometer can accurately tell the temperature.


Included is a touch screen, digital display that allows you to setup experiments, change units, and more.



Range and operation modes -30.0 to 382.0 degrees Celsius
-22.0 to 719.0 degrees Fahrenheit
ADC resolution 13.0 bit
Resolution 0.10 degrees Celsius
0.10 degrees Fahrenheit
Maximum sample rate (S/sec) 100.0


With additional USB or WIFI unit, the device can save the data to a computer via USB or WIFI.  


Note: this is not a medical device and is only intended for science education use.