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9" 3-Part Human Skull Anatomical Model Collection - Set of 4 (3-Part, Numbered, Color-Coded, and Painted Musculature)

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  • This set comes with 4 life-size models: a numbered skull, a painted musculature skull, a basic model skull, and colored region skull
  • Each skull is divided into 3 parts: calvaria, articulated mandible, and skull base
  • Each skull is medical-grade, made from a durable polymer to withstand repeated use in extreme conditions
  • Models are meticulously hand-painted by artisans to ensure accurate identification
  • Purchasing these skulls as a set rather than individually saves almost 30%

This collection of four human skull anatomical models are medical quality, made from a durable plastisol polymer. Each skull is carefully painted by hand to ensure the highest accuracy in anatomy and identification. The polymer that these skulls are made of is designed to be washed and can withstand high temperatures.