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Galena, Cubic, Approximately 2.5-3" Length, 1 1/4lbs., Single Piece

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  • 3" hand sample of galena, a lead ore
  • Brilliant silver cubes exhibit galena's characteristic luster and cleavage
  • Galena's high specific density makes it surprisingly heavy - a 3" piece weighs over a pound
  • Samples vary naturally, and may not be identical to those pictured
  • Makes a great addition to any collection, whether in the home or in a classroom

Galena is mined as one of the most prominent sources of unrefined lead, but has significant educational value as well. Its chemical composition makes it surprisingly heavy, and it often grows in stunningly reflective silver crystals. Each one of these samples of galena is between 2.5 and 3 inches in length, and weighs around 1 1/4 pounds. It can be used in classroom lessons on geology to demonstrate cleavage and relative density, or as an impressive display piece in a collection. Samples vary naturally, and may not look identical to those pictured. If you reach out to us before you buy, we will send a picture to ensure you are receiving a specimen you'll like.