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Pirate's Booty - Set of 5 Rock and Mineral Specimens in Wooden "Chest" - Fool's Gold, Obsidian, Quartz, Fluorite, and Calcite Crystals

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  • 5 rocks and minerals you would find in a pirate's buried treasure
  • Included in this set: fool's gold, obsidian, quartz, fluorite, and calcite crystals
  • Each sample measures approximately 1" (3cm) long
  • Comes in a scientific wooden slide box that can be buried and dug up
  • Makes a great addition to any treasure hunter's collection

Yarr! This collection of beautiful stones would make any pirate green with envy. This treasure comes in a sturdy wooden slide box, and can be buried for safekeeping. Rock and mineral samples measure approximately 1" (3cm), and include pyrite, obsidian, quartz, calcite, and fluorite.