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Large Polished Carved Orange Calcite Skull Museum Piece- 7.75 lb, 6.5" X 4.5" X 5.5" - The Artisan Mined Series by hBAR

SKU M19142
  • Each skulled is individually mined and hand carved
  • Due to mined stones natural characteristics each skull is unique, but all are brilliant orange in color with varying veins of white, yellow, and shades of orange.
  • Each skull is machined flat on the bottom so that is rests securely on any flat surface
  • Skull is a substantial 7.75 pounds with a Mohs hardness scale rating of 3
  • Perfect for your mantel, coffee table, paper weight, executive desk piece, or home personal collection


This calavera inspired sculpture is a true executive and museum quality specimen. The orange calcite is mined in Mexico and the crafted by hand. The piece gives a soft, translucent appearance that is calming and feels great to the touch. The large size and weight makes for great mantel, desk, book end, or paper weight piece.