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Branched Lightning Stone Onyx Crystal Bowl, 15 Inch - Carved from Real North American Calcite

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  • Splendid stone bowl carved from a single piece of calcite by a family-owned company
  • This large bowl weighs 14.95 pounds and can hold 12.9 liters
  • A fine work of art in its own right, this basin also makes a dazzling centerpiece or garden decoration
  • While the smooth stone is earthy and rustic, the undulating pattern and polished surface lend a sophisticated air
  • This bowl is unique - there is only one like it in the world

It would be easy to mistake this magnificent bowl for a turtle shell. In fact, it is a hollowed out piece of carbonate stone. The bowl's pattern is a fascinating natural design, with crystal-filled veins snaking their way through dense concretions. The stoneworker who carved the bowl paid careful attention to every detail, easily apparent when admiring the masterful layout of the calcite veins. Weighing nearly fifteen pounds, this stunning piece works well as a centerpiece, a fixture in your garden, or simply as a work of art on display in your home. The basin measures 15" long, 13.5"wide, and 6.5" deep, and can hold nearly 13 liters.