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NeuLog Resistance Logger Sensor

by Neulog
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  • Included: NeuLog general guide, positive probe (red) and negative probe (black) connected directly to the sensor via wires of corresponding color
  • Range and Operation Modes: 0 - 200 k?
  • ADC Resolution: 15 bit
  • Resolution: (0 to 10 K?) 0.001 K?; (10 to 60 K?) 0.01K?; (60 to 200 K?) 0.1 K?
  • Max Sample Rate (S/Sec): 100
The NeuLog resistance logger sensor is an ideal tool for any experiment involving resistance readings. The sensor has many attributes that make it easy to use: (1) LED light indicator - blinks while data is being collected, (2) Push button switch to start or stop experiments when off line, (3) internal flash memory chip for data storage within the sensor, and (4) pre-calibration (experimentation can begin as soon as the sensor is out of the box). It can be used for hundreds of possible experiments, such as, electrical components resistance measurements, electrical parallel circuits, electrical series circuits, and electronics.