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Eisco Labs Inorganic/Organic Chemistry 3D Molecular Model Set - 86 Parts (51 Atoms, 35 Bonds) w/ Storage Case

Original price $49.99
Current price $22.72
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Original price $49.99
Current price $22.72
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  • Contains 51 atoms and 35 bonds
  • Comes with a large 4 compartment case
  • High quality atoms and bonds
  • Covers both inorganic and organic chemistry topics
  • Doesn't hurt your hands to break down molecules
There are tons of intro molecular model sets to choose from. Your textbook company likely has one that they recommend you purchase that (surprise, surprise) costs a fortune. This model set covers most basic inorganic and organic chemistry topics and is extremely affordable. It is the same configuration and quality as the other brand name sets available. The set comes with a plastic case and instructions.

The kit contains:

6 black carbon (4 holes)
14 White hydrogen (1 hole)
2 blue nitrogen (4 holes)
1 blue nitrogen (5 holes)
6 red oxygen (2 holes)
3 yellow sulfur (one each: 2 holes, 4 holes, and 6 holes)
1 purple phosphorus (5 holes)
6 green halogen (1 hole)
3 gray metal (1 hole)
3 gray metal (2 holes)
2 gray metal (3 holes)
1 gray metal (4 holes)
1 brown **sp3 (4 holes)
1 brown ** dsp3 (5 holes)
1 brown **d2sp3 (6 holes)
28mm Gray links (20)
43mm Gray links (10)
28mm Purple links (5)

4 Compartment Case