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Fly Wheel, Metal, 7.8" diameter - Mounted on Horizontal Shaft - Eisco Labs

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SKU PH0313
  • Metal Fly Wheel
  • Held in ball bearings
  • Carefully balanced on horizontal shaft
  • Wheel is marked and pointer is fixed to bracket
  • 4 holes allow for the fly wheel to be mounted on the wall

This fly wheel is an excellent tool for physics experiments, including kinetic energy, rotational energy and demonstrating the moment of inertia in motion.

This fly wheel is carefully balanced on horizontal shaft, held in ball bearings. Wheel is marked and pointer is fixed to the bracket. Four holes allow for fly wheel to be fixed to a wall.

The wheel measures 7.8" in diameter, and is 1.75" thick. The base measures 10.75" wide and 6" long. Rods are 5" long and 0.25" in diameter.

Weight set not included