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Collisions Kit - 48" Collision Track, 2 Carts, 2 Sets of (3) Slotted Masses, Instructions, and More

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  • Contains: 47.63in collision track, 2 collision carts, 2 sets of 3 slotted masses (50g, 20g, and 10g), 2 support feet with leveling screws, 2 photogate support rods, 2 support rod holders, 1 pulley, and an instruction booklet
  • Additional materials required: Photogate system, mass hanger and slotted weights, balance, masking tape, string, level, meter stick, stopwatch, protractor, and books (as support for ramp). Graph paper is optional
  • Instruction booklet contains Teacher's Guide and reproducible Student Guide
  • Suggested for Grades 9-12
  • For study of collision in terms of momentum and conservation of energy
The collisions kit is an ideal tool with which to introduce students to the concept of collision in terms of momentum and conservation of energy. Due to the inclusion of a pulley system, external forces can be applied to accelerate a cart. When a photogate system is attached to the included support rods, data can be easily and accurately recorded. This kit provides a visually and kinesthetically effective method for studying the physics involved in collisions.