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Premium Double Wall Calorimeter, 150mL Capacity - Eisco Labs

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  • Outer Wall, 4" tall and 4" diameter. Inner wall, 2.5" tall and 2.5" diameter -- 150mL Capacity
  • 3-6V DC at approximately 5 watts
  • Aluminum outer wall

EISCO Premium Double Wall Calorimeter, 150mL Capacity

(1) Calorimeter

Superior quality double wall calorimeter with easily removable spring heating element unit. Operates on 3-6 Volts DC and approx. 5 watt. It consists of inner aluminum reservoir 150 ml capacity, aluminum outer, plastic insulator ring and Styrofoam lining to minimize heat loss. Lid accepts heating element, stirrer and thermometer cork includes cover cap.

To use the electric resistor, a DC power supply is required (not included).