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Hollow Glass Prism, with Stopper, Size 1.5" x 1.5" (38x38 mm) - Great for Studying Snells Law of Refraction - Eisco Labs

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  • Made from glass plates, cemented together. Stopper included
  • 38x38mm
  • Hollow inside allows for a variety of optic experiments
  • Excellent tool for studying Snells Law of Refraction.
  • Designed for physics and educational uses. Because of their educational use design, there may be minor imperfections that do not affect physical function.

Hollow glass prism, made from glass plates properly cemented. Size 38 x 38 prism. Stopper included. Excellent tool for optical experimentation, as well as for studying Snells Law of Refraction. Change the liquids or gases in the cube to change the refraction properties.