Eisco Labs Table Top Ray Optics Kit

by Eisco Labs

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  • Contains (2) 12V/24W lamps which require separate power supply
  • Contains: 1 Pair of housing shields, 2 combined single and triple slit plates, 2 multiple slit combs, 2 holders for combs and slit plates, 4 wooden light barriers, 4 Plano cylindrical lenses + 7 D, 2 Plano cylindrical lenses +10 D, 2 Plano cylindrical len
  • Great, economic way to construct geometrical optics on any table top.
  • Contains all necessary hardware to do a variety of experiments
  • No Instructions included
A versatile kit of components for table top ray optics experiments. Investigations possible include linear propagation of light rays, focusing of rays by cylindrical lenses, focusing of multiple rays showing aberration, law of reflection, laws of refraction.
Vendor: Eisco Labs
Product Name: Eisco Labs Table Top Ray Optics Kit
Product SKU: PH0606A