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Eisco Labs Reflection and Refraction Optics Kit

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SKU PH0614N8
  • Color mixing box ideal for demonstrations and experiments in properties of light
  • Hundreds of color combinations to be explored
  • Compare additive color mixing with subtractive mixing with included paint set
  • Powered by 3 AA batteries (included)
Eisco Labs Color Mixing Box

This optical exploration kit includes activities to engage students in both additive and subtractive color mixing. With the color mixing box, students can control the brightness of each color light (Blue, Red, and Green) to discover how each of two or three colors add to make the rest of the colors in the rainbow. Also included is a set of 24 water color based paints for students to compare the subtractive color mixing process with that of additive process in the light box.

Powered by 3 AA batteries, it's perfect for desktop laboratory experimentation. Experiment with hundreds of different color combinations! Color mixing box measures 10 x 7 x 5.5 inches. Batteries included.