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Eisco Labs Melde's Vibrating String Apparatus

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  • Melde's Vibrating String Apparatus is great for demonstrating wave phenomena
  • Adjustable tension to create standing waves of different wavelength
  • Simple to use, tension adjustable via placement of masses in a hanging tray
  • Learn the physics behind string instruments
  • The frequency of the apparatus will depend upon the input frequency of the input supply. This apparatus needs voltage up to 6V AC as input. It will work on both 50Hz as well as 60Hz depending on input
Eisco Labs Melde's Vibrating String Apparatus

Melde's Vibrating String experiment is an elegant way to introduce students to the concept of standing waves. The apparatus consists of a string and an oscillator to generate different frequencies. Melde's experiment is ideal to study the behavior of standing waves. Students can even visually determine wavelength, period and amplitude of waves.

A string undergoing transverse vibration illustrates many features common to all vibrating acoustic systems just like the vibrations of a violin or guitar string. To adjust the tension of the string, various amounts of mass can be placed in the tray that hangs off the side of a table or lab bench with the use of the included pulley. In this experiment the change in frequency produced when the tension is increased in the string – similar to the change in pitch when a guitar string is tuned – can be measured.

Requires 6 V, 50 Hz power source, supplied to Melde's apparatus via 4mm plug leads.