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Eisco Labs Synchronized Digital Ripple Wave Generator, 0.5 Hz to 200 Hz

Original price $299.99
Current price $131.35
  • For use with ripple tanks in classroom demonstration and physics experiments
  • Synchronizes frequency of stroboscopic flashes with the generated water ripples in the tank
  • Attaches to strobe light and vibration generator via 4mm leads
  • 120 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Eisco Labs Synchronized Digital Ripple Wave Generator

This Digital Ripple Wave Generator is designed for used with ripple tanks. Unit connects to both a stroboscopic light and a vibration generator via 4mm plugs.

This is a very unique apparatus which provides a stroboscopic light with pulses to synchronize with a ripple generator. Both these parameters function in fully synchronized fashion to generate the stable & visible ripple pattern. The motion frequency / ripple frequency and their amplitudes are controlled electronically. Frequency range is from 0.5 Hz to 200 Hz.

Uses 120 V AC, 50/60 Hz power.