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Coils & Cores Activity - Components Only - Includes 6 Coils, Thumbscrew & Threaded Rod, Base, Washer, Nut & Laminated Iron Core - No Power Supply Included - Eisco Labs

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  • The Eisco Labs coils and cores activity set allows students to study not only how transformers work, but also study several different properties of induced magnetism
  • Set includes 6 coils, thumbscrew & threaded rod, washer, nut, plastic base and laminated iron core with a removable top
  • Includes manual with product and activity instructions
  • Topics covered include Lenz' Law, Faraday's Law, how iron cores increase magnetic field strength, and electromagnetic induction itself
  • An exciting, hands on activity for physics classrooms
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$165.99 - $165.99
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Coils & Cores Activity Set - Components Only

What's included:

  • Plastic Base
  • 1 washer & 1 nut for attaching base
  • Laminated Iron Core with removable top
  • Thumbscrew and threaded rod to hold iron core into base
  • 6 coils: 3200 Turns, 1600 Turns, 800 Turns, 600 Turns, 400 Turns & 200 Turns
  • Instruction & demonstration manual

The coils & cores set allows students to study how transformers work & properties of induced magnetism. Topics covered include Lenz' Law, Faraday's Law, how iron cores increase magnetic field strength & electromagnetic induction. Can also be used to teach how transformers used by power companies carry electrical energy. Instructions & demonstration manual included.

Please note that this set does not include all the materials necessary for the activities in the instruction manual. 

Materials required for use (not included):

  • AC Power Supply 2-15 Volts
  • Banana plug wires (6-8)
  • Multi-meter that reads up to 200 AC Volts (2)

Required Materials to conduct demonstrations (not included):

  • Analog DC Voltmeter (up to 5 Volts)
  • DC Ammeter (up to 100 mA depending on strength of magnet), or Galvanometer (works best if meter can read both positive and negative values.)
  • Ring Stand and Clamp (2)
  • Horseshoe Magnet
  • Paper Clip (must contain iron to be attracted to the magnet)
  • About 40 cm of string
  • Set of bars made of different metals. At least one should be magnetic (iron or nickel) Possible equipment to use for the set of bars: EISCO Set of Metal Strips (PH0798A), EISCO Set of Metal Discs (PH0798B), EISCO Materials Collection (PH0798C)
  • Strong Bar magnets (2)
  • Springs with low spring constants and loops for hooks on either end (2)
  • Strong Tape