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Coulomb Meter - Digital Electroscope- -199 to 199 nC

SKU PH0913N8
  • Coulomb meter gives digital quantification of electrostatic charge strength.
  • Range is plus/minus 199 nC with an accuracy of 10 nano Coulombs.
  • Electrostatic source examples: capacitors, static electric generators (such as plastic rods), etc.
  • Comes with battery installed.
Coulomb Meter is a useful tool and behaves similar to a Digital Electroscope. The display will show the number of Coulombs deposited into the instrument either by current through a resistance or from a capacitor or from a source of static electricity (a charged plastic rod). An electroscope will deflect its vane but this instrument shows the charge digitally in Coulombs up to 199 nano Coulombs, Accuracy + 10 nano Coulombs.