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Eisco Labs Digital WIFI Stress Detection/Polygraph Demonstration Kit With Galvanic Skin Response Sensor and Pulse Logger Sensor

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  • Uses high quality, digital sensors to measure galvanic skin response and pulse
  • Comes with detailed instructions how to use the demonstration set in the home or classroom
  • Data is captured digitally and can be analyzed with free downloadable software on a PC or Mac
  • WIFI function will provide demonstration capabilities on tablets and mobile devices including iPhone, chromebook etc. For saving logged data a USB connection will be necessary.
  • This kit serves strictly as a demonstration of the principles of polygraph examinations
The Eisco Labs WIFI Polygraph Demonstration Kit uses the same sensor data as professional polygraph units, allowing for home or classroom demonstrations of the principles of lie detection such as galvanic skin response and pulse fluctuation. The kit includes everything needed to get started out of the box, including: a skin conductivity sensor, pulse sensor, WIFI interface module, time tracking paper, and manual providing detailed steps for your first polygraph exam. A brief overview of function: The galvanic skin response is a natural physiological response to mental and emotional stimulation. When someone is undergoing an interrogation; they will begin to perspire, more-so when they are telling a lie. This response is due to the sweat-glands being controlled by the sympathetic nervous system. These micro-changes in skin conductance, as well as changes in heart rate are telling signs that someone may be lying during the examination. During a polygraph examination it is expected to see increased levels of skin conductance and pulse due to stress; however the suspect's skin conductance and pulse will further increase during times in which they are lying and remain relatively steady in times they are not lying. Prior to asking loaded questions it is important to gather a baseline response for both skin conductance and heart rate to compare results against – this can easily be done asking questions in which the suspect can't lie as you already know the correct information. The kit provides sensors used to measure and log these bodily responses. The units WIFI function will provide demonstration capabilities on mobile devices such as tablets, iPhone, Chromebook etc. For saving logged data a USB connection will be necessary. Note: The kit serves as a demonstration of the principles and technology used in professional polygraph exams. It does NOT serve as a professional polygraph unit. Polygraph examination is a profession that requires a specific education.