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6 Piece Santa's Scientific Christmas Coal Set - Premium Cotton Bag and 5 Small Lumps of Genuine American Coal

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  • 5 small lumps of genuine American coal. Approximately 1"x1"x1" - medium sized marble.
  • Premium cotton muslin bag keeps any created coal dust contained inside the bag
  • Link included on card to an experiment to grow snowflakes on your coal. (Note: There are some additional required ingredients for the experiment that are not included.)
  • Perfect stocking stuffer

5 lumps of genuine American coal is the perfect gift for anyone on the naughty list. But it doesn't have to be all bad news - a link to a science experiment is included! (Note, the experiment does require some other ingredients not included with the coal).

Marble sized lumps are packed in a cotton drawstring bag, with a card that includes a link to an experiment to grow snowflake like crystals on your coal.