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Animal Cell Mitosis Model, 21 Inch - Features 10 Phases

SKU ZM0006
    • LIFELIKE DESIGN || 3-dimensional teaching demonstration model with lifelike design built from a custom mold shows the various phases of mitosis in an animal cell
    • DURABLE || Made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic for durability and mounted onto backboard
    • LATERAL CUT || 10 phases cut laterally to show inside cell and labeled for easy reference - Shows chromosomal movement through various phases
    • INCLUDES KEY || Phases and key details are numbered - Includes key for easy identification
    • HAND-PAINTED || Great for using during demonstrations in the classroom - Hand-painted using vibrant eco-friendly paint - Designed by subject matter experts
    Phases shown: Interphase, Early Prophase, Mid-Prophase, Late Prophase, Metaphase, Early Anaphase, Late Anaphase, Early Telophase, Late Telophase

    Structures identified: Centrosome, chromosome, nucleus, nucleolus, cytoplasm, cell membrane, aster, centromere, chromatids, chromosomal fibre, continuous fibre, interzonal fibre, spindle, astral rays