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Frog Development Model, 25 Inch - Features 20 Stages

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SKU ZM0020
    • LIFELIKE DESIGN || 3-dimensional teaching demonstration model with lifelike design built from a custom mold shows the various phases of frog development
    • DURABLE || Made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic for durability and mounted onto backboard
    • MULTIPLE MODELS || 24 models are labeled for easy reference - Shows development of a frog from egg to adult
    • INCLUDES KEY || Phases and key details are numbered - Includes key for easy identification
    • HAND-PAINTED || Great for using during demonstrations in the classroom - Hand-painted using vibrant eco-friendly paint - Designed by subject matter experts

    Stages identified: Ovary with egg, fertilized ova, 2-celled stage, 4-celled stage, 8-celled stage, morula, section of blastula, over growth of ectoderm, tadpole with external gills, early development of frog, gastrula, section of embryo showing germinal layers, assumption of tadpole, establishment of nervous system notochord and alimentary canal, embryo before hatching, tadpole, development of hind limbs, assumption of adult form, and older tadpole.