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Exploring hBARSCI's Molecular Model Kits

As a chemist, it can sometimes be difficult to visualize the chemical compounds you’re working with. Molecular model kits allow you to build and manipulate all sorts of organic and inorganic structures. These kits come with colorful plastic balls and flexible rubber connectors to simulate atoms and bonds respectively. We have three different kits in stock, to facilitate a variety of needs. All three kits contain instructions and enough atoms and bonds to properly study organic or inorganic chemistry. Take a look and see which kit is right for you!


CH0611 – Eisco Labs Basic Student Inorganic and Organic Chemistry Molecular Model Set (65 pieces)

This is the standard model-building kit. At 65 pieces, split between 32 atoms and 33 bonds, there are many combinations of molecules that can be made. This is a great set for getting started in the world of chemistry, or for use as a quick reference.

Kit contains 32 atoms, 33 bonds, and an instruction booklet. See full list of components here.


What sets it apart: This kit is the jack of all trades. It contains a wide variety of molecules with an almost equal amount of connectors at a phenomenally low price. This makes it useful in many disciplines of chemistry and a great entry point for students.


This set is perfect for: Organic and inorganic chemistry students on a budget or spatial-learning chemists who conceptualize by building.





SET00614 – Eisco Labs Molecular Orbital Set (81 pieces)

This building kit is focused on demonstrating the shape and structure of atomic orbitals. With the flexibility to build both hybridized and unhybridized orbitals, this set is perfect for studying atomic structure.

Kit contains 11 atoms and orbital nodes, 48 orbitals, 22 bases and links, and an instruction booklet. See full list of components here.


What sets it apart: This is the only set offered that is dedicated to atomic orbital construction. We stock a couple traditional kits that contain orbital pieces as well (SET00609 and SET00612).


This set is perfect for: Introductory chemistry students or anyone who has a hard time visualizing abstract orbitals.





SET00610 – Eisco Labs Molecular Model Set – Biochemistry Student (135 pieces)

A step up from the introductory kit, this set is geared towards biochemistry students and the study of organic chemistry. With a proportionately large number of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen atoms, piecing together complex organic compounds is a breeze.

Kit contains 79 atoms, 56 bonds, and an instruction booklet. See full list of components here.


What sets it apart: The biochemistry set is a great value, including lots of pieces to make larger molecules while staying at a very low price. The higher concentration of C, H, O, and N atoms make this set a no-brainer for biochemistry and organic chemistry students.


This set is perfect for: Organic and biochemistry students or chemists who want a desktop model of their favorite amino acid.





SET00605 – Eisco Labs Teacher Molecular Model Set (500 pieces)

This is one of the largest model-building sets we offer, and it’s no joke. Containing 230 diverse metallic and nonmetallic atoms and 270 bonds, this set has everything you need to construct enormously complex organic and inorganic molecules. Designed for use by educators, but useful for advanced students as well.

Kit contains 230 atoms, 270 bonds, and an instruction booklet. See full list of components here.


What sets it apart: This is a large kit that contains a wide variety of atoms, both metals and nonmetals. This variety makes the set uniquely capable of reaching a wide variety of chemical disciplines.


This set is perfect for: Chemistry teachers, passionate students, or people who just like stringing together peptide after peptide after peptide…





CAFFEINEMODEL – hBARSCI’s Caffeine 3D Molecular Model Set

In addition to the freeform model-building kits, we also stock a number of demonstrative chemical models. This kit helps you build your own molecular representation of the compound that keeps us moving all day long. The model is a perfect size for keeping on a desk or shelf, and is a great gift for chemists and other coffee-loving scientists.


What sets it apart: This kit is designed to build one molecule as an educational or recreational display, and contains detailed instructions to help put it together.


This set is perfect for: Biochemistry instructors, coffee lovers, or anyone who needs to add a little kick to their office.





This is just a small sample of the molecular building kits we offer here at hBARSCI. Browse the entire catalog here. We also stock extra atoms and bonds if you need just a little more to touch up that triglyceride model you’ve been working on. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, check out the build to order sets as well.

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