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Mon, Oct 24, 16 - Halloween Foam Fountain - Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide

The decomposition of hydrogen peroxide results in a mild exothermic reaction that produces a lot of foam. Watch our experiment, read about the chemistry behind the reaction, then grab a kit to try it for yourself!

Thu, Sep 29, 16 - What is a Lab Stand?

One of the most fundamental pieces of science equipment is the lab stand. In this article we explore what each piece of the lab stand is and how it's used. If you're interested in setting up a home or garage lab, take a look.

Wed, Sep 14, 16 - Exploring hBARSCI's Molecular Model Kits

hBARSCI offers over 20 different molecular model kits to aid in the study of organic and inorganic chemistry. Molecules are small and can be tough to conceptualize, but with these sets you'll be able to build and manipulate thousands of different compounds.