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Wed, Sep 14, 16 - Exploring hBARSCI's Molecular Model Kits

hBARSCI offers over 20 different molecular model kits to aid in the study of organic and inorganic chemistry. Molecules are small and can be tough to conceptualize, but with these sets you'll be able to build and manipulate thousands of different compounds.

Fri, Sep 09, 16 - Making the Most of hBARSCI’s Rock and Mineral Specimens

For those of you interested in digging a little deeper into hBARSCI's geology collection, the individual rock and mineral specimens allow lots of flexibility. Here are just a few examples of sets you can build yourself. What kind of combinations will you come up with?

Mon, Jan 25, 16 - Seeing Eye to Eye: Choosing the Best Human Eye Model for Your Needs

Whether you're teaching ophthalmology or are just fascinated by eyes, you want an anatomical eye model. hBARSCI has 4 different models in stock, so how do you know which is the right model for you? This article will help guide you.