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Unlock micro wonders with the best student microscopes

Bringing quality & affordability to every science classroom.

A teacher’s job is never done. Whether it’s the first day of school or the end of the school year, science educators are always on the hunt for classroom and lab supplies. 

Microscope shopping is known to be a bit of a treasure hunt.

Let us save you the time and headache.ᅠ

Our handpicked selection of microscopy solutions is crafted with your needs in mind.

Unlock micro wonders with the best student microscopes

Best Compound Microscope for Beginners

Best Compound Microscope for Beginners

Compound microscopes, a.k.a. upright microscopes, are for viewing prepared slides – samples too small for the naked eye are prepared and mounted onto microscope slides – introducing students to the intricate structures of bacteria, blood cells, tissues, and parasites.

What makes a suitable compound microscope for high school science classrooms?

High quality Optics   Mechanical XY stage for ergonomic adjustment   Cordless LED lights   Carrying handle   Slide clips

Our top pick for robust and affordable compound microscope:
EXM-150 Monocular Microscope with mechanical stage
40-400X Magnification, Disc Diaphragm

EXM-150 Monocular Microscope with mechanical stage


EXM-50 Student Miscroscope
40-400X Magnification, Single Course Focus

Student Microscope EXM-50

Not what you had in mind?

Ask our consultants to find the best compound microscope for your educational application.

Find the best compound microscope


Stereo Microscope

Which microscope is right for middle school geology?

Stereo microscopes provide a comfortable 3D view in which each optical path (eye) sees the sample from a slightly different angle. This microscope is often used for biology dissections and examining rocks, minerals, plants, bones, and other larger samples.

Zoom or Fixed magnification?

Your fixed magnification stereo microscope gives you the choices of 10X, 20X, 30X or 40X magnification depending on the eyepiece.

The zoom feature offers a range of magnification from 6.7X - 45X with a standard 10X eyepiece.

Top pick with science classroom-proof features:

Rugged design  Cordless LED   Easily transportable   Anti-fungal coating to protect the optical system    Optional upgrade: add polarizer and fluorescent light to turn your stones and bones into instant WOW moments.

EXS-210-13 Stereo Microscope
10x/30x fixed magnifications

Stereo Microscope EXS-210-13 

Looking for stereo microscopes with a different stand and magnification? Let us help

Find the best stereo microscope



Help your students see the bigger picture

Enhance 3-dimensional learning with digital microscope cameras

What would you like to connect the camera to? 

Your TV or projector so you can show the entire class, or send images directly to yours and your students’ PC and Tablet?

HD Camera with integrated Monitor

Microscope Camera with Monitor, HD Lite - 1080p HD Resolution

View real-time HD 1080 images   11.6” HD monitor   ✔  Capture 5 MP still image   ✔ HDMI and USB 2.0 connection Include advanced image processing software


HD Microscope Camera


View live HD images and videos without a PC    Capture 5 MP still images   ✔  HDMI and USB 2.0 connection   ✔ Include advanced image processing software


Color Microscope Camera

Excelis™ EC50 color microscopy camera

Sony camera sensor    Capture 5 megapixel still images   ✔  Record 29 frame-per-second color videos   ✔ USB 2.0 for live view on your PC    ✔  Includes advanced image processing software


Color Eyepiece Camera

Eyepiece Camera 500-EP for Microscope

Sony camera sensor    Capture 5.1 megapixel still images   ✔  Record 26 frame-per-second color videos   ✔ USB 2.0 for live view on your PC

Upgrade your existing microscopes to digital microscopes.

If your microscope has a trinocular camera port, great! Simply connect a digital microscope camera, to view, share, and record live images on your screen. 

No camera port? No problem. Use a camera adapter or an eyepiece camera to replace an eyepiece and voilà, your fully operable digital microscope. 

Sounds confusing? Don’t worry, we’ll help find the best camera for your microscopes, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility. 

Microscope cameras are backed by a 1-year manuracturer warranty.

Find a solution that fits your budget now


Prepared microscopy slides for every curriculum

You may be excited about mica and basalt or the cellular structure of a Drosophila melanogaster larvae. 

But how do you engage your gen Z students and excite their enthusiasm?

Foggy, blurry images in bubbly plastic coverslips sure won’t cut it.

Prepared Slides

Our extensive selection of professionally prepared slide sets are made with top-quality material, from cover slip to samples, ensuring that your images are free from unwanted distractions. 

Reduce your lesson planning time by choosing from our class-specific catalog. Save your budget at the same time when you bundle in accessories with your microscope:

💰 Up to 25% Discount 🚚 FREE Domestic Shipping 🤝 Dedicated Account Manager

 That’s not something you get from the big box stores.

Chat about saving time and money on slides now


Q: We have older science equipment. Can they be traded in for newer models?

A: Absolutely! Tell us about your equipment. We'll provide a valuation and offer a fantastic discount on brand-new instruments. 

Q: We are a public school, fancy lab equipment is way over our budget.

A: hBar offers Instant Credit Terms Approval to any public school in the US. This means you can equip your classrooms today, while managing the payments in a way that fits your school’s budget cycle. 

If you’re tax-exempt, let us know, and we’ll take the deductible off your bills.

And if you have won funding from a public or private educational grant, tell us! And we’ll take another 20% off your order. 

Q: Our students aren’t known for their TLC on school properties. How well do hBar's products hold up to inexperienced users?

A: We are all too aware of the enthusiastic curiosity of budding scientists, and our range of microscopy equipment and supplies have been constructed to be robust and user-friendly, ensuring they are suitable for hands-on learning. 

All our microscopy equipment is also backed by a 5-year manufacturer warranty for your peace of mind.

Q: Can we get discounts on large orders?

A: Definitely! We offer up to 25% discount on multiple class-size packs, depending on the product category, free domestic shipping, and you get to work with a dedicated account manager who listens and understands your requirements.

Q: Science curriculum is going through monumental transformations, how can hBar support science teachers in ensuring they're aligned with the most current standards?

A: Our team members have firsthand experience in the education sector, bringing a unique perspective to our products and services. This ensures that every product we offer is not just of superior quality, but also in sync with the latest in educational directives. 

Chat with us about our FREE Curriculum Supply Need Consultation to help you select the best suited lab equipment, stock up on supplies and consumables for the rest of the year. 

Q: What's hBar's return policy in a nutshell?

A: Our primary goal is to ensure you're satisfied with every purchase and every interaction with hBar.

  • Return within 30 days: Full refund or exchange if it's in original condition. For used items, opt for an exchange or store credit.
  • Missed the 30-day window? We sometimes offer store credit. 

Q: What can I expect from hBar's shipping services?

A: We're all about saving you time and money. 

  • FREE shipping for orders over $100.
  • We’ll ship your order same day, if it’s received before 1pm EST. 

Q: I’ve seen cheaper science classroom supplies online, why should I choose to order from hBar?

A: Scouring through dozens of pages online would definitely lead you to prices lower than ours, but top quality products are not the only thing hBar offers:

  • US classroom-proofed: Our products are designed in the US, ensuring they meet the specific needs of your science classrooms.
  • Dedicated NY team: Our support team is rooted in NY, guaranteeing fast and comprehensive pre- and post-sales customer service.
  • Educator insights: With science teachers as part of our team, we integrate firsthand classroom insights into our offerings.



Can your lab use a microscopy upgrade?

Can your lab use a microscopy upgrade?

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Are your students crowded in a group, cranking their necks to take a look in the eyepiece, but your department budget just won’t allow for extra equipment?

Share your story of woe and laughter in your classroom and prepare to win a grant!

Bravo science teachers, you are not alone!

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