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About Us

At hBARSCI, our passion for science is at the core of everything we do. Science is the silent force shaping our daily lives, powering the technology in our smartphones, the apps connecting us, and even the chemistry behind cooking. Whether you're a science teacher, a parent conducting home experiments with your children, a homeschool educator, a lab technician, or a dedicated researcher, it's science that makes your alarm clock work, forms suds in your soap, and drives the engines of your daily commute. Discover how science impacts your world at every level.

Our Mission

Our mission is straightforward: to make the finest science products accessible to all. Whether you consider yourself a science enthusiast, a seasoned researcher, a dedicated postdoc, a nurturing parent, an inspiring educator, a curious college student, or simply someone with an innate curiosity, we have precisely what you need to explore, experiment, and learn.

At hBARSCI, we take immense pride in our extensive assortment of top-notch laboratory supplies from Eisco Scientific:

Additionally, we've curated a special line of science education products designed to engage and empower young scientists whether in the college lab, science classroom, or doing science experiments at home:

Our Reach

Located in Honeoye Falls, New York, right outside of Rochester, we are strategically positioned to provide swift same-day or next-day shipping services throughout the United States, Canada, and beyond. Our well-stocked warehouses ensure timely deliveries to urban, suburban, and rural areas across vast states like California, Florida, Texas, Wyoming, Vermont, and West Virginia. Count on us for comprehensive support, no matter where you live.


You might be wondering why we chose the name 'hBAR' for our company. The answer lies in our founder's profound passion for physics. 'hBAR' represents his favorite constant – the quantum of electromagnetic action that relates a photon's energy to its frequency. It's the intersection of where science ignites curiosity, cultivating a deep sense of wonder and learning that defines hBAR science products.

However, 'hBAR' is more than just a scientific symbol. To us, it embodies the intersection of science with a sense of wonder and curiosity. It signifies the path to deeper understanding, experimenting, and learning, which is exactly what hBARSCI products are all about.

How can we assist you?

Our At hBARSCI, our love for science knows no bounds. We are here to inspire and equip you on your scientific journey. 

We're eager to connect with you and address any questions or inquiries you may have. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or call us at (585) 360-2295. Your needs and interests are important to us, and we're here to assist you in any way we can.