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Give your students real world experience with Vernier sensors

Hands-on science learning with affordable data-collection technology

Are your students from diverse cultural, language, and social backgrounds? Do you have experience working with students with sensory processing disorder, speech disorders, or other common learning disabilities?

How do you engage all your learners? You introduce phenomena through everyday experiences. 

How do you help students convert scientific concepts into knowledge? You turn conceptual theory into live data collection, calculation, and analysis. 

Let us make your job easier.

Find affordable data-collecting sensors

Must have sensors and probes for hands-on, 3-dimensional learning

What makes a sensor STEM classroom-ready?

Affordable and reliable for classroom and outdoor use

Rechargeable battery for field studies

Wireless or wired connection with no additional equipment or software

Experiments to align with the three-dimensions of learning

Experiments to align with the three-dimensions of learning

Are you spending 5 – 10 hours every week researching how to blend practices, crosscutting concepts, and disciplinary core ideas into your lessons?

We can help. 

Take these classroom-ready experiments to elevate your teaching experience without breaking your budget.

Renewable Energy Experiment Kit

Educational level & Subject

Elementary School, Middle School

High School and College: Environmental Science

Photosynthesis Experiment Kit

Education level & Subject

Middle School and High School: Biology

Projection Motion Experiment Kit

Education level & Subject

High School and College: Physics

Human Physiology Experiment Kit

Education level & Subject

High School and College: Physiology

Chat with your account manager about streamlining your lesson plans.

Discover our experiment kits to save your time and budget

Bundle and Save

Bundle and Save

20% OFF lab supplies

Get 20% off your essential lab supplies: chemicals, glassware, plastic beakers, etc, when you bundle them with any Vernier sensors.

Ask your consultant for more details

Give your students real world experience with Vernier sensors

Q: We have older science equipment. Can they be traded in for newer models?

A: Absolutely! Tell us about your equipment. We'll provide a valuation and offer a fantastic discount on lab supplies when you upgrade your lab with brand-new sensors.

Q: Our students aren’t known for their TLC on school properties. How well do hBar's products hold up to inexperienced users?

A: We are all too aware of the enthusiastic curiosity of budding scientists, and our range of data-collecting equipment and accessories have been constructed to be robust and user-friendly, ensuring they are suitable for hands-on learning. 

Vernier sensors are also backed by a 5-year manufacturer warranty for your peace of mind.

Q: We are a public school, fancy lab equipment is way over our budget.

A: hBar offers Instant Credit Terms Approval to any public school in the US. This means you can equip your classrooms today. No waiting, no bureaucracy. 

If you’re tax-exempt, let us know, and we’ll take the deductible off your bills.

And if you have won funding from a public or private educational grant, tell us! And we’ll take another 20% off your order. 

Q: Science curriculum is going through monumental transformations. How can hBar support science teachers in ensuring they're aligned with the most current standards?

A: Our team members have firsthand experience in the education sector, bringing a unique perspective to our products and services. This ensures that every product we offer is not just of superior quality, but also in sync with the latest in educational directives. 

Chat with us about our FREE Curriculum Supply Needs Consultation to help you select the best suited lab equipment and stock up on supplies and consumables for the rest of the year. 

Q: What's hBar's return policy in a nutshell?

A: Our primary goal is to ensure you're satisfied with every purchase and every interaction with hBar.

  • Return within 30 days: Full refund or exchange if it's in original condition. For used items, opt for an exchange or store credit.
  • Missed the 30-day window? We sometimes offer store credit. 

Q: What can I expect from hBar's shipping services?

A: We're all about saving you time and money. 

  • FREE shipping for orders over $100.
  • We’ll ship your order same day if it’s received before 1pm EST. 

Q: I’ve seen cheaper science classroom supplies online. Why should I choose to order from hBar?

A: Scouring through dozens of pages online would definitely lead you to prices lower than ours, but top quality products are not the only thing hBar offers:

  • US classroom-proofed: Our products are designed in the US, ensuring they meet the specific needs of your science classrooms.
  • Dedicated NY team: Our support team is rooted in NY, guaranteeing fast and comprehensive pre- and post-sales customer service.
  • Educator insights: With science teachers as part of our team, we integrate firsthand classroom insights into our offerings.



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