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Get Your Spooky Season On with Halloween at hBARSCI!

Get Your Spooky Season On with Halloween at hBARSCI!

With Wednesday’s fall equinox symbolizing our return to all things crisp, cozy, and creepy, we’re ready to unpack our spooky supplies and get to celebrating one of our favorite holidays—Halloween! And there’s no better way for you to up the unexpected creep factor in your classroom, laboratory, home, or Zoom background than to incorporate the human body—sans skin, of course!

When confronted with images of the human body, we feel all kinds of emotions given its context, from wonder to fear to disgust. During Halloween season, tossing a little anatomy into your lesson plans or at-home science time can provide not only a learning opportunity, but an opportunity to spook your students or kids into curiosity.

Where to begin? Here at hBAR, we offer four human eye models, eight human torso models, and 10 human heart models. Or perhaps you’d rather express your spooky side with the exploration of other bits and pieces of the human body—check out this page of human anatomy models. Whether it’s eyeballs, guts, or hearts that get your Halloween soul soaring, we’ve got you covered! 

And no bones about it: Skeletons are a Halloween staple. But, pro tip: If you’re looking to add a human skeleton to your decorative supply, we suggest opting for an adult version—babies have more than 90 additional bones compared with adults! Peruse our selection of human skeletons and bones to get the creativity flowing as you decide how best to dress up your space for ultimate scariness.

While excitement around decorating for Halloween is surely essential to celebrating the season, getting hands-on has always been a great way to incorporate everyday scientific experimentation into your Halloween festivities. Even basic exploration of human anatomy can get hearts pumping and minds wandering, but check out some of our favorite eerie experiments, including a Halloween foam fountain.

All you need is this foam eruption kit, some basic labware (like this flask and this beaker), and, of course, a human skull! Or try your hand at making fluorescent slime. This black light-activated ooze will get every imagination into the Halloween spirit.

So snag some models for your students or kids and get to learning—or spooking!

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