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Growing Crystals with Bubble Rocks

Growing Crystals with Bubble Rocks

This is a fun and easy activity to do with scientists of all ages!  It only takes about 10 minutes to set up and then you observe and record the results over 1-2 weeks.

What you'll need:

  1. White distilled vinegar
  2. Clear glass or plastic cup
  3. Bubble Rock
  4. Safety goggles & apron


Bubble rock in a natural mineral found in Utah.  Its beautiful white crystals are the result of a reaction with vinegar.  Similar geological reactions have created the fascinating formations that we see within caves throughout the world.

crystal cave


  1. Place your rock in a container (preferably clear glass, or plastic)
  2. Add just enough vinegar to barely cover your rock (NOTE: USE WHITE DISTILLED VINEGAR ONLY)
  3. For best results, keep out of direct sunlight
  4. As the vinegar evaporates, watch your bubble-like aragonite crystals grow.  This takes about 1-2 weeks - record your observations daily (young scientists may want to draw a picture, more experienced scientists may want to write their observations, take pictures, or even measure crystal growth.    bubble rock procedure

Once your rock is completely dry, your crystals will become more stable.  Crystals are fragile.  Handle with care and enjoy!



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