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Top 5 Reasons to Use EZ Prep Chemicals for Simple Solution Prep

Top 5 Reasons to Use EZ Prep Chemicals for Simple Solution Prep

The struggle over preparing chemical solutions for science lab activities and experiments is real for many science teachers, lab aides, and students.  A lack of time, equipment, or the proper training can certainly make solution prep a daunting task - until now. Check out the top 5 reasons to use EZ Prep Chemicals for your biology, chemistry, or even home science lab activities!


It’s simple, right?  Many science activities require chemical solutions.  To make the solutions you just dissolve the chemicals in water. Now you just need to figure out how much of each chemical you need. And you need to weigh out the chemical. Oh no, do you have enough of each chemical? How long is this prep going to take – the students will be here in 15 minutes.  Of course, you knocked over your chemical container and now there’s powder everywhere. Why isn’t this experiment working the same as last period/semester/year? If this sounds all too familiar read my top 5 ways EZ Prep Chemicals can help you keep your sanity during solution prep!


1.  No need for expensive laboratory equipment

Balances and pH meters are expensive and they need to be cared for and maintained properly.  EZ Prep Chemicals come in convenient ready-to-use capsules. No balance or pH meters required. You won’t even need to search for a clean lab scoop or weigh boat! (Some EZ Prep Chemicals may require use of a magnetic stir plate for adequate mixing)

2.  Get a ready-to-use solution in under 10 minutes

No need to look up chemical recipes or complete molarity calculations (We won’t even discuss the need to look up how to do a molarity calculation or find your calculator!).  No need to calibrate your balance or pH meter. Simply measure out the correct amount of deionized water and drop in a capsule.  EZ Prep Chemical capsules also dissolve quickly in water.


3.  Mess-free solution prep and a safer science laboratory

Chemicals need to be handled safely.  While you should still wear protective eyewear, gloves, and an apron or lab coat while preparing any chemical solution, EZ Prep Chemicals nearly eliminate the risk of dangerous chemical spills and inhaling concentrated chemical powders or fumes. EZ Prep Chemical capsules safely and securely contain all the necessary chemical ingredients in a polyvinyl casing that will not crack or split open under the recommended storage and handling guidelines.

4.  Quality solutions lead to consistent and accurate experiment results

Not only are EZ Prep Chemical capsules guaranteed to provide you with the proper chemical solution, they also contain high-quality chemicals that have been manufactured and tested for quality and purity.


5.  Easy chemical inventory management

Have you ever confirmed that you have all the chemicals you need only to find out that some bottles are basically empty or you are a few grams short of the last chemical you needed as your solution sits spinning on the stir plate next to you?  Most chemicals are shared between several classrooms or labs making inventory management a nightmare.  It is easy to predict how many EZ Prep Chemical capsules will be needed for a given activity/section/year.  It is also easy to see or even count how many capsules remain in an opened container.

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