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What is a Lab Stand?

Lab stands are used in every area of science, especially chemistry, for holding and manipulating an experimental apparatus. If you want to set up a home lab, this is one of the vital pieces of equipment you should consider. The parts of a lab stand include:

  • Base: The metal retort base provides stability to the other equipment, and is often coated with a chemically-resistant epoxy to protect it from reactants or spills. Some bases come with rubber feet to protect the lab surface.


  • Rod: Usually made of stainless steel, the rod acts as a modular backbone for the setup. Clamps and rings can be attached to the rod, useful for suspending a test tube above a burner flame, or inverting a beaker or flask.


  • Clamps: Clamps are connected to rods using boss heads, and are used for holding the apparatus in place. hBARSCI stocks many varieties of clamp that can be used on a lab stand, including burette clamps, 2- and 3-prong universal clamps, table clamps, and more.


  • Rings: When you need to suspend a beaker or flask, it is preferable to use a ring instead of a clamp. The vessel’s weight is distributed more evenly over the ring and remains stable. Use a wire mesh ring cover for an even more stable setup.


  • Boss Heads: Used for attaching clamps and other equipment to the rod. They are tightened to the rod using thumbscrews or an Allen wrench. Boss heads come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.


That’s everything you need to get a lab stand set up in your home or garage. You can use a lab stand to conduct chemistry experiments, act as a third hand for soldering work, or even brew ice coffee. What will you do with your lab stand?


If you want a lab stand, but aren’t sure where to start, we have a few starter bundles that contain everything you’ll need. Take a look two of these options below!

  • Eisco Labs Premium Metalware Set - This set comes with a metal base, a steel rod, a clamp, and a ring. This is a great starter kit, and gives you room to expand and flex your curiosity.


  • Eisco Labs Chemistry Lab Starter Kit - This kit contains a base, rod, 3 clamps, 2 rings, a bunsen burner, wire stand and mesh. If you're looking to do chemistry, this bundle has everything you need.

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