Eisco Augen Gneiss Specimen (Metamorphic Rock), Approx. 1" (3cm)

by Eisco Labs
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  • Augen gneiss sample approximately 1" (3cm) in size
  • Ideal for students learning about differential stresses and foliation in metamorphic rocks
  • Perfect size for use in classroom identification labs and exercises, correlates well to Next Generation Science Standards Evidence Statements
  • Relict xenocrysts in sample record the direction of stress during alteration
  • Specimen comes in clear labeled and barcoded bag for ideal storage
Gneiss is a high-grade metamorphic rock formed from other rocks undergoing alteration from intense heat and pressure. The minerals in the rock become foliated, and can result in alternating light and dark bands. This rock sample is great for demonstrating metamorphic properties and can be used most effectively in lessons about the rock cycle, as well as metamorphic rock identification.
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Product Name: Eisco Augen Gneiss Specimen (Metamorphic Rock), Approx. 1" (3cm)
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